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April, it wou▓ld be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National▓ People's Congress, said

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the draft of the proposal. A total of 13 Siberian tig▓ers have died over a span of three months

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in Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, including 11 which died of malnutriti▓on and another two were shot dead while mauling a zoo work▓er in November 2009, said Liu Xiaoqiang, vice chief of the Shenyang Wild Animal Protection Station. "What happene▓d at the zoo was not an isolated case. There are multiple c▓ases of hungry zoo animals mauling people. And our su▓rvey shows that many privately-owned zoos were not d▓oing well financially," said Chang. As for regulating the ▓privately-owned zoos, there were legal loopholes which made enforcement impossible, said Liu. The Law on Prot▓ection of Wildlife does not provide for any punishment f▓or irresponsible zoo owners who abuse the animals. In addition, the Property Law stipulates that zoo owners have the right to keep animals and animal protection a▓uthorities have no right to interfere, said Liu. The proposal aims to fill the legal void, so to preve▓nt future tiger tragedies and stop cruelty to ani

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mals. Article 19 of the proposal forbids animal mistreatment, such as lettin

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g animals starve. If zoo animals are suffering▓ from hunger or illness in cash-strapped zoos, zoo managers must turn to the animal protection

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body in China, for h▓elp. If necessary, the authorities should take over ▓the zoo. "If such a law were in place, the recent ti▓ger tra

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gedy may have been avoided," said Chang. Not just the engendered species like the Siberian tiger, but also common animals can be prote

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cted if the soon to be sub▓mitted "law against animal abuse" comes into force. Anim▓al abuse is reported from time to time in China. On

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Fe▓b. 18, a man was reportedly driving a motorcycle while dragging a dog with a leash, leaving a trail of blood ▓on the road in Fuzhou

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, capital city of east China's ▓Fujian Province. "We will also propose to China's law-makers to include 'animal abuse' as an offence an

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d stipulate penalties," said Chang. The proposal suggests fining and detaining those who eat dog or cat meat illegally. A recent pol

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l on Sina. com, a popular portal in China, shows that among the 140,007 respondents, 51.5 percent supported the su

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▓ggestion, but 45.6 percent doubted it could be effectively implemented and three percent were undecided. The ▓e

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xperts also proposed to ban pets owners from abandoning their pets irresponsibly and stopping cruelty to animals

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    ional Peo▓ple's Congress next week, said Chang Jiwen, head of the drafting team and director of the Department of Social Law under the Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of▓

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    Social Sciences. Chang added, after the release of the ▓original draft last September, the drafting team had rece▓ived over 700 suggestions from the public as of mid-January

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    2010. By People's Daily Online SHENYANG, March 14 (X▓inhua) -- A total of 26 animals in 15 species were reporte▓d dead in January in a zoo in northeast China's Liaoning Prov

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the catch, m▓ostly from the European union. B

ince, where massive death of Siberian tigers were reported last week. The January death toll of animals inc▓luded four Siberian tigers and 22 other animals, accor▓ding to a list of animals in the Sh


tary General, said, "For tuna and other fish

enyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, a copy Xinhua obtained from the zoo Sunday. Some of the dead animals, including one red-crowned crane, four stump-tailed macaque, one rhesus monkey and on▓e brown b


think that everybody cares about wildlife. It'

ear, were under state protection, according to the zoo list, which only registered dead animals in Janu▓ary. The four dead Siberian tigers were included in the 11 Siberian tigers announced dead in

e disappointme nts f▓or co nservation advocates , there were som e successes. BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua ) -- In the wake o f the death of 13 captive Siberian t igers in a northeast China z oo, legal experts have posted online a pro posal for a "law aga inst▓ animal abus e" to solicit opinions. The proposal, posted onl 清水河县wap 金溪县5G 靖江市wap 南昌市5G 绥芬河市wap 泗水县5G 新化县wap 陈巴尔虎旗wap 永嘉县wap 鲁山县wap 辽宁wap 伊春市wap 普洱哈尼族彝族自治县5G 营山县5G 宿松县wap 连山壮族瑶族自治县wap 乡宁县wap 册亨县wap 会昌县5G 江都市wap 新开传奇私服1.76 传奇私服发布网新开服 经典传奇私服网页版 超变态传奇私服发布 网通传奇私服英雄合击 网通传奇私服3000ok 热血传奇私服网站单职业 超级变态传奇私服新开网站 自己架设传奇私服教程 传奇私服外挂免费版2019